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The Survivor

On January 3, I was alone at home because my wife and young daughter stayed for several days in someone’s home who needed care from her.

As I have told a little in the previous post, that’s when Susie gave birth to her babies. The event that became a memorable experience for me happened near seven o’clock after she looked at the sky or the moon.

For this reason, this time, I share a little with you to see how she has brought these cute babies into the world.

#1 #1 The Survivor

This photo was taken this afternoon. This cute one is the only one who survives. After you see all the photos in this post, can you guess, this cute is Susie's child who was born in what order?

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#2 #2 Susie Prepares Herself

After jumping down from the wall of the fence, she began to meow. She looked at me repeatedly then paced back and forth in and out of the house. Seeing she check the back of the drawers in the TV room, where she had experienced a miscarriage before, I soon realized that she would give birth.

She kept meowing until I saw a few drops of water on the track she had been through, I realized that it was amniotic water. So I immediately set up a carton box and base as a place for her to give birth. Even before I finished preparing the box well, she had jumped into it.

    • Actually, the box was one of the containers to store used clothes to donate. But it is one that is ready to use while other boxes need time to prepare. To be honest, it’s a used shirt of my daughter.

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#3 First Baby

In the box, Susie's eyes always looked into my eyes. She always meows every time I move and even jumps out to me while meowing if I get a little away from her. I was a little worried about what might happen if Blue approached him because all this time she always behaved fiercely at him, but it didn't. She meows softly to Blue while gently touching his head.

I realized that she asked me to accompany her, maybe even to help her. For a few minutes, I continued to caress his head and stomach, while also channeling energy to add strength to her, until she began to push. I am sure it reaches forty minutes (also after checking data from photo properties) when the first baby is born. That's it, it seems, the baby looks like to the father.

#4 #2 Second Baby

The second baby is quite long after the birth of the first baby. I don't remember how long it took, but from the photo property, I saw that the first baby was born at 7:38 PM while the second baby was at 8:18 PM. It was long enough for Susie to clean her first baby.

The second baby is black but in the area around the mouth to neck, and all four legs, there are white too.

#5 #3 Third Baby

The third baby is born about twenty-five minutes later. From the properties of the photo I see that this third baby was born at 8:43 PM. Unlike the previous two babies, this third baby appears with still wrapped in membranes. The color of fur from this third baby resembles Susie's.

Really, that's a special night with a special experience for me.

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  1. Wow Albert, you managed to become an obstetitrician, a midwife and a proud new papa. Congratulations. Births of every type of animals (including humans) are precious indeed to witness. But I have one warning to give you and I am sorry about this. You should never leave the little kitty unattended for too long either by you or your family or Susie beacause Blue might euh… play rough with him. Mitten, my Lily’s son of her first litter would often go in the box along with Lily’s four kittens from her second litter and move or rather push them around roughly. I do not know if it was because he did not realize that they were so small or because of jealousy or vengeance or what but it was rather scary to witness. I had to stop him from visiting the little ones. Lily and me were the one allowed in the room where the kitten stayed until bigger. Sorry about the delay in commenting but I was away this weekend and just saw this lovely post of yours. Again, congratulations.

    • Thanks a lot, dear friend. I am happy with all mentioned and all the experiences that preceded it.

      I agree with you. Blue was euphoric with the change in Susie’s attitude, which had often been fierce to her before. Since Susie had changed her attitude, Blue always loved to playing fight and always chasing her, including up to the box, but it was no longer done after I rebuked him several times.

      Since yesterday, Susie didn’t want to be in the box anymore, and she had brought the baby out, under the table, and it seemed Blue didn’t bother Susie while she was taking care of her baby.

      We are watching closely Blue’s attitude towards the baby, and I will be more careful according to your advice.

      There’s no need to be sorry, my friend, and I even thank you for your great attention to those cute family members.

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