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Swallows – Holy Birds That Bring Hope and Happiness To The Home

If you see a swallow making a nest on the roof of your house, do not destroy it. According to some believes it will keep you home safe. Also, when coming to the swallows, think of your desire. Swallows bring happiness in the house where they make their nest, protect from thunder and increase fertility.

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The arrival of the Swallows from the South is expected between 1 and 15 April.
Swallows are considered to be pure, holy birds, to whom the celebration of the feminine beginning is assigned, and the celestial and underground are merged. In the Hungarian folk tradition, they are considered to be God's birds and are therefore highly respected.


The nest of the city swallow is made of mud and straw and is similar to that of the swallow, but has a completely open top. Bases from 4 to 6 eggs, which broke for 12-14 days. Parents feed small ones primarily with insects. They leave the nest after about 20-23 days. Parents have been feeding them for some time. Every year they can grow up to 2 hatcheries. After the winter, they built the new nest or on the remnants of the old or near it.


City Swallow has been a constant companion of man for centuries and is one of the symbols of attachment to the home hearth. It does not fear people and often builds its nest on the corners of low ceilings or windows, where it is easily accessible to the human hand. In the second half of the 20th century, the numbers began gradually to decrease due to the reduction of the flying insects, which were the main food.


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