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My first entry on Virily! I love butterflies so this pretty little one is my first photo posted here. I hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s an old photo from when I still had time for taking pictures. But maybe this will change and I’ll be able to dive back into photography. Untill then I will upload some of my old pictures. Have a nice day everyone!


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Written by Gogata Ionut


  1. Must be nice to have photos that come out looking great! I’m not much of a photographer. Thank goodness they invented those kinds of cameras where nobody can take a bad picture. However these days I don’t do much picture taking. That’s why I am glad people share their photos.

    • Thank you, this is a very nice compliment ?. I don’t have a camera now, I only use my phone for taking pictures. But this will change soon, I hope.
      You know, I always loved to look at pictures shared by others and at one point I had around 30.000 of them on my hard drive. I used them as inspiration for drawing and poetry. But only after receiving permission, of course .

  2. Your first post is delightful. The butterfly is a beautiful specimen and the color combination in the photo is making me smile it is so refreshing! Looking forward to seeing what new beauty you bring to us from this amazing world we live in.