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Spring Is Full of Fleeting and Fragile Beauty

Flowers and fawns are as fleeting as spring itself ….

These two siblings were only two or three weeks old when I took this picture. They grow up very fast and you have to remember to notice how cute they are before the cherry blossoms turn to a petal storm and the blossoms are gone. 

I hadn’t thought of spring like this before. It is a time of beginnings and birth but it is really a fleeting moment when some things pass briefly before your eyes and are gone. The blossoms on the fruit trees are wondrous and temporary. For a couple of weeks the trees are fantastic; and, then they are just trees again. The fawns are playful and a bit awkward which makes them so cute. Then they become capable little deer so quickly. This year I made sure to try to get some pictures.

They say that beauty is fleeting and spring is beautiful so have your cameras ready. You know, for next year.

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