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Saving the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

It is sad that many bees and butterflies are becoming extinct. I have been aware of this a couple of years ago, and I have been signing and sharing petitions like crazy to get everyone on this earth to do something about it before it is too late. I often see blackbirds dead in the streets. What is killing these birds?

Backyard Bees provided some tips on keeping local hives alive in your backyard. It is important to use natural methods as well as know the factors affecting bees’ health.

Use organic beekeeping methods that don’t have any treatment. Many bees have been dying since 2007. Backyard Bees are trying to rescue hives and bees. Moreover, the current weather changes have changed the bee production.  In 2015, the agriculture industry has lost over 30% of hives due to pesticides and other chemicals. And, maybe even the weather climate has affected the bees and their production.

Diversity is a key in bee health, as bees travel between different plants. Drone is a male bee, and it doesn’t have a stinger.  Bees are likely to have their own filtration system. Worker bees live for only 6 weeks. The Drone dies after he mates with Queen Bee. (This reminds me of a chess game during checkmate).

The darker the honey, the better it is for coughs. Buckwheat honey is a good dark honey.  1 harvest is 30 pounds, and there are 30 to 40 pounds per box.

There is also passion fruit honey, which is made at an organic bee farm with hives. There are many other honey flavors, such as citrus and lavender.

I also feel it is important to save all animals–wildlife and domestic animals, whether in animal sanctuaries, NO-KILL SHELTERS, wildlife sanctuaries, and other safe havens before it is too late. Maybe, more people need to create a Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary in different areas, all over the earth, to help save as many animals as possible.


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  1. I forgot to add the last sentence of this post:

    It is important to note that commercial beekeepers feed bees with corn syrup, sugar, and water. That is sad because I don’t even eat that shit. No wonder these poor insects are dying.

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