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Red squirrel

Red squirrel is a small, omnivorous rodent distributed in the Eurasian forest belt.

The length of the body with the head is 145-265 mm, and the tail – 145-189 mm. It weighs 250-340 g. The long tail helps the squirrel to keep balance while jumping from a branch to a branch. The ordinary squirrel has sharp and curved nails that help her climb trees. There are bundles of hairs in the ears. The crickets in Strandja are light brown, and those from the higher parts of Rila – darker to reddish brown. The cosmic strands at the top of the ears only appear in winter. The color changes depending on the season and the place. Coat in summer is thinner and lighter, and in winter it is thicker and darker. The coat of the abdomen, however, always remains white.

Spread in the forest and forest-steep areas, and to the north reaches the forest. Prefers dark coniferous forests.

It is found in Europe, Siberia and East Asia – from the Pyrenees Peninsula and England to Kamchatka and Manchuria. In Bulgaria the squirrel is spread all over the country and is the most numerous in the wooded mountainous areas.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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