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My dog Kan

For a dog we say that he is the best man’s friend. His intelligence, loyalty and love make people happy. For dog owners there is nothing more exciting than a long walk with your best friend. The dog does not matter if you are rich or poor, interesting or boring … Give your heart to him and he will give you your own. The dog will love you, but it will never pretend to do it, he will be happy with you but will never play his joy. We do not need to say anything to the dog. He recognized the smile on my face, grief in my eyes and love in our heart.

Did you know?

Dogs help you stay fit

The London University Study has shown that children who have a dog are more active and more likely to exercise than their peers who do not have a pet.

Dogs guard the health of babies

Babies from houses where the dog lives are healthier than those who do not have a pet. In children without pets, cases of cough, cold, allergy and ear infections are more frequent. As a reason experts say that dogs love to roll in the dust and mud, which strengthens the child’s immune system.

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  1. Like Martina Marta who commented bellow, I too had my dog Zara 14 years. She died in July 2013, literally in my arms looking at me. I saw her closing her eyes for the last time…….. I still think of her many times!! Great dog!!

  2. Your dog is absolutely beautiful. I have to mention a study which I saw in evolution in person. Dogs, mostly Labradors, were loose in a house with autistic children. Some of these children were severely autistic and a few of them were destructive to their own bodies. The dogs would place themselves between the child’s head (for example) and the floor, in order to prevent injury to the child. The dogs were the best therapy workers according to the psychologists who were supervising the study. That study dates from about 1973. Today, dogs are largely used as therapy, as assistants and as workers for the disabled, the debilitated and the mentally challenged individuals. My departed dog, Tasha, could have been such a dog as she was gentle, affectionate, attentive and a great friend. I still miss her to this day along with Princesse who was my very first companion dog. Thank you for showing off such beautiful pictures of your dog and for letting me ramble on.

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