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Meet Grumpy My Oscar

This is one of my Red Tiger Oscars. It was one and a half inches long when I got it, and now it is 11 inches long. It is three years old. These fish are high maintenance because they are messy eaters. They require frequent water changes of at least 50%. I do this once a week. My fish lives in a 55 gallon aquarium but soon it will be moving to a 125 gallon home. These fish live 10-15 years.

It has become very aggressive towards me, it splashes me when I open the lid to feed him. It eats Cichlid Pellets, lots of  Cichlid pellets.


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    • Ha neither did I until after I got them. I have Two the other is a Albino Tiger Oscar. I got them at the same time, the Albino is just a little bit smaller and has a better temperament it will eat from my fingers.

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