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“Fan Art for the group God’s Children”

This is a "Fan Art for the group God's Children". Good friends of mine who I followed to many shows back in the late...

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1934 Canadian Cent Found Coin Roll Hunting

It's in surprisingly good shape for its age as well. I live near the border, so Canadian cents aren't that uncommon...but rarely this old!

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“Space Candy”

Yet another Mandelbulb3D fractal creation. My wife really likes the neon colors, and I think that led to the pieces' title more than anything! Enjoy!

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“Setting Suns in Black and White”

A monochromatic version of a fractal composition from the Fall of 2014, using Mandelbulb3D. Background was created with Chaotica fractal software, with minimal post-work...

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“Fractal Landscape 042116”

This particular render makes me think of fossilized roots, or moss...or both! Created using Mandelbulb3D. Enjoy!

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