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mans BEST friend is the one that loves you the MOST

Hello, it’s a unhappy Sunday for me, I thought this would be a post EVERYONE could relate toI have 7 dogs & love every last one of them to the fullest & right now I may be losing 1 of themshe’s the oldest out of all of them & has the BEST dog I could ever have which ALL of them are.

Meet Charmon, she’s my Boarder collie I’ve had for 17 yrs she’s been the love of my life ALLthese yrs, we have had a lot of fun together, we’d take walks & we’d sleep together & spenda lot of time together, she had a thing for catching moles & rodents & anything that moved.

She has been the sunshine on my darkest days she has been my light when things weren’tright & had to have someone to talk to & she’s the one I took with me when I’d go fishingshe’s been there for me in everything I’ve had to deal with since I got her she’s been there.

I have always had a thing for my dogs more that cats & this is 1 reason WHY I have 7 dogscause they are more loving than cats are & you don’t own a cat like you can a dog either &you can do a lot more with a dog than you can a cat & cause they can protect you better.

I’m sure there are some or even a lot of pet owners on here that can feel the pain & hurtwe go through when losing our best friend in the world & there’s nothing you can do tostop it no matter how much it cost or what you got to do make it all better LIFE SUCKS.

A broken heart is the hardest thing to get through after losing a loved on that you spent somuch time with & done so much together that it has to heals it’s self on it’s own slowly :>{there is NO replacing the hurt & pain & emptiness, the love you carry for loved one lingers.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness & support she is & will ALWAYS be our baby no matterwhat I know the day we lose her is gonna be a hard one to bare but we’ll do our best to dowhat has to be done to get through this I really hate to see the day come God be with us.

Please if you have a dog or pet give it the best you can cause their with us for ever in lifethey love us with everything they have & we should ALWAYS do the same for them nomatter what it is or what we have to go through they deserve our love as they gave theirs.


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  1. I know how you feel when you lose a dog since they are indeed your best friend for life. I do my best to treat my sister’s dog with the love she needs to keep on going.

  2. I felt sad readimgnthis writeup. I think toi shouldn’t think about when you will lose her but should instead concentrate on the great times you’re having with her currently.

    When she finally leaves you, it is these memories that will keep you going. You will look back and smile when you remember these great times.

    Please don’t be sad.

    • thank you & I do agree with you, as we do spend time together
      & when it gets warmer we’ll do more outside like she likes to do
      like when we go for rides we take her to the lake & the park & to
      Walmart to play in the grass lawn they have there that she likes.

  3. I am so sorry. I do know the pain. My cocker spaniel of 14 y/o ran way shortly after losing my only child. Never returned. Then my cat (actually she was my son’s cat) died and it was like losing him all over again. I feel for you. You have to remember all that you have done and the things out of our control seem to be what hurts the most.

    • OH God I know that had to hurt & hard to get through I’m SO sorry :>{
      your a strong person to get through that like you have I admire that.

      I know what your saying some things we face is out of our control
      when it comes to our pets & how to keep them happy & a live as long
      as we can, but when the time comes to say good bye is the worst &
      hardest thing that anyone can deal with but with Gods help we make it.

  4. I have learned that now that I am on my own I am not. My cat Sid is just like living with someone who respects my alone time but is there when love has to be shared. There are moments I look into his little face and I can almost read by what his expression is what he is thinking he just lacks a voice if you don’t count the meows.