The Last Words of a Dying Patient

Most medical practitioners had their close contact with their dying patients. They had witnessed the sufferings and begging to live longer. These are the last words that can never be forgotten and the last words are so profound that shed tears among the members of the family. All medical staff and subordinates show empathy towards to their dying patients but deep inside it breaks their heart. They tend to be emphatic to lessen the sufferings of a dying patient and walk through the members of the family to be strong.

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Healthcare providers can never give false hope. It is not ethical for them to such false hope because they are not our almighty God. Some people believed that doctors are like God. In fact, it is not. Doctors are still humans and cannot control the lives of people. They could give possible treatments to make their patients live longer as much as possible. The final decision will always come from the father in heaven.

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The last words can never forget of a dying patient. When I was still working in the hospital as a Physical Therapist, I had experienced this sad ending story of my particular patient that attending to for a couple of weeks. This patient was a victim of the criminal act. He works as a tricycle driver and raising a son with no wife to be there for him.

The criminal act happened when a group of people tripping him while he was driving his tricycle. The confrontation took place between him and the gang. He didn’t expect that these wicked souls beat him up, hit him with shovels and fired a gun at him. The criminals thought that he was dead but it wasn’t. The local people who had witnessed the crime rushed the victim to the nearest hospital.

After he was discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU) and was admitted to a regular hospital room. Then, he was referred to have Physical Therapy services. I was assigned by my Physiatrist to attend to his treatment on a daily basis. As the usual treatment session, the rapport was build to the patient. But I can tell that he is not going to live longer by his medical conditions.

Every treatment session, I usually encourage him to have a little faith and hope to recover fast. It seems that he can feel that he will not live long. I must admit that he is. Then, he asked me some random questions.

“Will I live longer?”

“I wanted to live because there is no one who can take good care of my son.”

“Please tell me if I am going to live.”

Of course, I need to pacify him for asking such questions and no false hope was given. I told him to keep praying and hope for the fast recovery. And I leave the room with a bit sad. On the following day, he expired early in the morning. It was the last words that I heard from a dying man. It can still be remembered and I always offer prayers to him.


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Written by Steven Gamboa