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I'm Sorry ~ 365 Photos Challenge 279

It’s hard for me to tell this story. You all know that in the previous post I have asked all of you to suggest names for our two kittens. Unfortunately, the situation has changed now.

On the way home this noon, my wife called and asked about my position at that time. I said that maybe about fifteen minutes later I would arrive home. She said that she wishes I could get home as soon as possible and still be careful driving a car with weekend congestion.

Arrived at home, my wife and my two daughters seemed to gather around Alanda’s bed. When I asked about what had happened, they pointed to the striped kitten who looked so weak. They immediately ask full worry about her condition. Immediately after washing my hands, I put her between my palms and examined it in my way. Sad, it looks like she won’t last long.

I told them that it would be futile to bring her to the vet, and we just had to be immediately willing to let her go sincerely. In the palms of my hand, I felt his very weak breath getting weaker and then stopped.

Really, we don’t understand what happened. This morning, she still eagerly asked for milk, wrestled with her brother, and screamed loudly when she wanted to pee. My wife and my two daughters cried regretting her pass away. However, that is what has and must happen. So, let her go.

After burying her, Alanda and I immediately visited the vet again to check the boy as well as to take the necessary precautions. He’s healthy and the vet just gives additional capsules of an extract of egg yolk and milk. He said that indeed the risk for kitten care under the age of two months without biological mothers is very large, rarely among those survive.

Under the soil and stone in the corner of the garden, we return her body to the mother of the earth, and we believe that the life of the owner has returned to the One.

One thing about this that is related to all of you, I beg you an apology because it has made you bother by asked for suggestions to name her but I have disappointed you because I failed to maintain her life, even before I finish responding to all of your input and replies on the post. I am sorry.


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  1. Sorry about the delay in commenting on this very sad post. I will repeat what has been said in all the comments: it was not your or your family’s fault at all. You did everything humanely possible to keep this very young kitten alive. Even a cat mother probably might have had this event happening to her. I am sure that the kitten is in cat heaven and looks down on you with gratitude, love and respect for making her first and last days so warm, memorable and loving. At least you have her brother still going strong. Again, sorry about your loss. I know how you feel after my losing Princess, Belle, Tasha, Shadow and Trish (cats and dogs).

    • I appreciate your sympathy, History Gal. I honestly feel sad not because I feel losing her for she is not mine as even myself isn’t mine, but I am sad if I think that maybe I and my family have not given the best for her.

      I really am grateful that you and all friends here have even given great attention and even shared special care.


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