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Hero cat saves his owner after she was locked out of her home

Who says that a cat who gets adopted by a loving person will never repay that kind deed down the line? The story is that college student Gabby Tropea adopted a male cat named Boko about a year ago after the cat was living on the streets in Texas.

Recently Gabby had to take her sister Isabelle to school when Gabby for some unknown reason forgot to take her house keys with her when she left her campus home.

When Isabelle closed the front door of her sister’s campus home, the front door was automatically locked from the outside.

When Gabby returned to her campus home, to her chagrin she realized that she could not get inside her home. Not to mention her anxiety level must have reached a high fever since she realized that her cat Boko was inside the home.

Gabby was fearful that she could not enter her home soon, her cat would pass away from dehydration and hunger.

Gabby then went to the back of her campus home where she saw a wooden stick on the patio door that is used to prevent the patio door from being opened. Gabby was able to instruct Boko with hand gestures to use his claws to lift up the stick from the patio door to a higher level so the patio door would open and Gabby could enter her campus home safe and sound.

Boko was able to life the wooden stick up from the ground on the bottom of the patio door so his owner could come safe and sound at last.

Now I know Gabby will be second guessed why did she not use her cell phone to ask for help when the incident happened?


One thing is for sure. Boku the cat is not only a hero. He is a very clever cat who repaid his owner for adopting him about one year ago as his way to tell his best friend “Thank you for taking care of me.”


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