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Dogs, shade and a gentle stream!

I had leftover photos. Once again I took too many for one post. 

I try to keep my photos to 10 pictures per post. So these are the leftovers from my last post on a quiet stream. Just sitting and watching the dogs have fun. 

This place is perfect to just unwind and take it all in. I hope you enjoy.

#1 Sky Sunday is today!

The reflection of the blue sky in the stream works for this. 

This is looking upstream. 

    • Thank you Carol, I wanted to mention that I did answer your replies on the last post, but not with the reply button. Each reply is separate and on the top, the reply button did not work.

#2 Meika

Meika was the first to get in the water. She is the leader. I shared a far away picture of the two together after Luna caught up to her, the other day. 

#3 Luna

Luna spots Meika in the water and races down a boulder to join her. 

#4 Off they go!

Meika has webbed paws like a wolf does. She can swim very fast and soon leaves Luna in her wake. 

#5 Down stream

Luna still trying to catch up. 

#6 But…

Luna is smart. Go to the bank and head her off! The cattledog part of her kicking in. She likes to herd everything. Even Meika. 

#7 Time to go!

One last look at this pretty little creek. That is a Coastal Live Oak hanging over the bank.

#8 Meika in the lead

Now to make it back to the car. 

#9 Luna

We tell them to come to get the leashes and collars back on. This is her thinking about her time at the creek I think. She is just watching the water go by..

#10 Daisies

Daisies line the path just as soon as you get out of the tree canopy. 

I hope you enjoyed these leftovers. 

Have a great Sunday! 


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