When animals need our help

This morning when I was walking my dog I noticed a bird very similar to the one in the picture that couldn’t fly.  I first noticed it as my dog was approaching it, but I pulled him back on his lead. As I got slightly closer I noticed that the birds wing was on the floor and couldn’t move. I live very close to a river and it was right by the river wall. I had my mobile phone on me at the time so I looked up the RSPB on the internet (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). The website told me if an injured bird is found to call the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection and Cruelty to Animals). So I went on their website and got a phone number.

When I rang the RSPCA they asked some standard questions on what condition the bird was in and about its wing.  When I told them that it couldn’t fly and its wing was flopping on the floor, I gave them the exact location of the bird, and they told me they would send someone out to collect it.

They asked me if I could check on the bird every 20 minutes or so. This was just to make sure that the bird was in the same location and hand not moved. I did check half an hour later and the bird had moved a few yards. I felt so sorry for the poor thing as you could see its wing had been bleeding, and must of been in agony for him (or her.) I got a phone call to say that the RSPCA will be in my town to collect the bird in about half an hour.

So I went to the bird a few minutes before they were due just to make sure the bird was still where I had last seen it. Thankfully, 2 ladies from the RSPCA came and checked the bird over. It had, indeed, broken its wing. They said there was probably nothing they could do for it.

But the way I see it, even if they couldn’t repair its wing, I feel by putting it to sleep would put a stop to it’s prolonged agony and most probably slow death. I am a big animal lover and hated seeing the poor little thing suffering. What annoyed me really was that people were just walking past it. I know it’s just a bird, but I felt bad for the poor bird seeing it suffer like that. But I am also glad that we have such charities like the RSPCA and RSPB that help animals and rescue them. I admire the staff and volunteers that go out of their way to help injured and unwanted pets and wildlife.

What do you think?

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  1. Once when i was a young girl my grandpa shot a starling. He told us they were not good birds. My sister and Iand a few friends took this bird, that was shot by his eye and fixed him up, then we let him go. My grandpa told us that this bird would probably get shot again. I never saw a starling hit again and I was glad.

  2. Great you were on hand to help this bird. We don’t have people like that to come to the bird. Usually people like me pick the bird up to take it to Bird Rescue. I have several times for sick birds. Usually keep them warm but in a dark quiet place. It’s half an hour drive to the nearest bird rescue. They are full of volunteers and the woman in charge is Lyn MacDonald.
    So pleased to read your post.

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