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Some of the Animals that I met at the Philadelphia Zoo

I love animals, ask anyone that knows me!

We live in the Philadelphia area, and are members at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo established in the United States. The city has grown around the Zoo, so there is no room to expand.

Before coming to Pennsylvania, we lived in Orange County, California. We often visited the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. The life for the animals was beautiful, especially at the Wild Animal Park. They have 1800 acres to work with. So I was spoiled in seeing the animals in a very natural habitat!

When we first moved to the area in 1992, I was depressed at seeing the exhibits.  They were old and did not have space and ways for the animals to be enriched in their environment.  As the years have gone by, the zoo has been creative and proactive in completely redesigning huge sections of the zoo at a time.

After 25 years here, I am proud of the Philadelphia Zoo.

I am sharing a few photos from our last visit.

Sally K Witt

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Giraffes are gentle vegetarians. They are tall and graceful. Watching them walk is almost hypnotic. Some zoos have high platforms where you can feed leaves to the giraffes at their head's level. It is a wonderful experience, quite different than watching them from a distance.

They have long dramatic eye lashes. Quite beautiful.

It is interesting to see them maneuver their way all the way down to get a drink of water.  They spread out their legs to give their neck a chance to stretch down to the water.

Here are all the facts that you want to know about giraffes.

This is another interesting post about giraffes!

I know some people who keep chickens at home or on their farms, so that they have eggs for their families, and some sell them as well.

This beautiful chicken lives in the new Children's Zoo and Family Education Center.  You can see the happy and healthy chickens as they eat and interact with the other chickens and the big proud rooster outside.  Inside the center, there are different exhibits.  One of them shows the incubator where eggs are hatching, and you can see baby chicks that are just minutes old!

The chickens that live in this area include rare and exotic breeds.  They are beautiful.

This is a great resource site for people that enjoy chickens and want to have some at their home or farm.

Zebras are fun and genetically close to a donkey or a  horse, but are not domesticated.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a few zebras up close and personal at another place in Virginia, and got to nuzzle with them and develop a relationship.  It was a very special experience for me.

Zebras are an interesting animal, and one of my favorites. You can learn more here.

Rhinoceros - rhinos as a nickname.  They are huge animals and are very powerful.

When you see a mother and baby, she is very protective and loving to the baby.  The babies are so cute.

The Philadelphia Zoo, as well as most other large zoos, work to help save the rhinos and to breed them for a diverse gene pool.

Rhinos are horribly killed by poachers in the wild.  If you want more info, see the link I have provided.


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  1. Sadly, most zoos are very underfunded. Those that we have in the Pacific Northwest tend to be small, except for places like Wildlife Safari near Winston, Oregon, which are more like an enclosed range. That is basically what we have here in Montana at the National Bison Range, except that the animals are all natural ones; deer, elk, antelope, grizzly bears, eagles, hawks, moose, and of course, American bison.

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