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Some of the Animals that I met at the Philadelphia Zoo

I love animals, ask anyone that knows me!

We live in the Philadelphia area, and are members at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo established in the United States. The city has grown around the Zoo, so there is no room to expand.

Before coming to Pennsylvania, we lived in Orange County, California. We often visited the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. The life for the animals was beautiful, especially at the Wild Animal Park. They have 1800 acres to work with. So I was spoiled in seeing the animals in a very natural habitat!

When we first moved to the area in 1992, I was depressed at seeing the exhibits.  They were old and did not have space and ways for the animals to be enriched in their environment.  As the years have gone by, the zoo has been creative and proactive in completely redesigning huge sections of the zoo at a time.

After 25 years here, I am proud of the Philadelphia Zoo.

I am sharing a few photos from our last visit.

Sally K Witt

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