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10 Cute Baby Animals That You Haven’t Seen Before!

What is your favorite baby animal? They are named differently, such as a cub, chick, calf, pup or kitten.These creatures are tiny, curious and playful. We all love them. Baby kitties and puppies are cute. But there are lots of other species of baby animals that are too cute. Like baby owl for example. And baby mice. These are ” too cute to be true” and look more like fluffy toys. Enjoy this gallery of cuteness overload.

Baby Coyotte

These little cubs are part of the dog family. Coyottes are able to adapt to different surroundings. Some can live very close to big cities. In size, they are similar to middle growth  domestic dogs.

Baby opposum

Opossums live in forests and near farms. They are active through the night. During the day, they will be hidden somewhere safe.  Mother opposum can have 25 babies at once. They are size of a small bean. Babies hide in their mother's pouch for two months.

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