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  • camphor

    • cotton bandage used for non-critical burns
    • sweet smelling substance with a bitter taste
    • person who sells land to farmers
  • epigraph

    • inscription on a building, statue or coin
    • graph used when designing a high rise building
    • type of paper similar to carbon paper
  • baccarat

    • style of chair from the early 1900’s England
    • gambling card game
    • type of albino monkey found in South America
  • caliper

    • water-proof jacket or coat
    • a measuring instrument with two hinged legs
    • water container made from sea shells
  • jibe

    • insulting remark
    • popular candy at Christmas
    • vest or coat with satin backing
  • jetty

    • another name for “black” chewing gum
    • landing or small pier
    • car brand that never made it past the ‘drawing board’
  • mallow

    • thick ear plugs
    • sweet chocolate bar popular in Germany
    • plant with pink or purple flowers
  • plaice

    • part of the sewing machine that feeds the threader
    • edible brown flatfish with orange spots
    • correct way to seat people at a special dinner or celebration

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