Try your knowledge with this tough Best Selling Books Quiz!  (hint: majority of books are pre year-2000)

  • Question of

    “A Tale of Two Cities” was published in what year?

    • 1859
    • 1850
    • 1862
  • Question of

    Who is the author of the delightful book “Black Beauty”?

    • Jane Sewell
    • Alice Sewell
    • Anna Sewell
  • Question of

    Name the Province in Canada where Anne Shirley lived in the book “Anne of Green Gables”.

    • Ontario
    • Nova Scotia
    • New Brunswick
  • Question of

    In the book “Love Story” by Erich Segal, what was the name of the main character?

    • Christopher Barrett IV
    • Oliver Brown IV
    • Oliver Barrett IV
  • Question of

    “The Thornbirds” novel was published in 1977. Meggie Cleary is the main character, but what was the name of her precious doll?

    • Agnes
    • Catherine
    • Jennie Anne
  • Question of

    “The Di Vinci Code” (pub. 2003) was written by:

    • Dan Black
    • Dan Brown
    • Arnold Black
  • Question of

    “Valley of the Dolls” written by Jacqueline Susann was about?

    • women who grow increasingly dependent on amphetamines and barbiturates
    • dolls who become witches
    • a society of ‘perfect children’ that look and act like dolls
  • Question of

    Name the author of “Anne of Green Gables”?

    • L.M. McMurty
    • L.M. Forrester
    • L.M. Montgomery


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