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Who Invented the Following?

We all know the things that exist had their beginning. Somebody somewhere thought of a brilliant idea and turned it into a remarkable invention or we’re grateful for.

Some people invented an idea in theoretical term and others turned the theory into a workable output. Thus, when we talk about invention it includes those who thought about an idea e.g a parachute but never went beyond the theory.

Consequently, do you know who invented the following? The list includes both male and female Inventors.

  • Who was the first man to invent a practical working telescope?

    • Hans Lippershey
    • Galileo Galilei
  • The first man who invented the modern day (mechanical) computers

    • Charles Babbage
    • William Oughtred
  • Who invented the first smartphone?

    • IBM Simon
    • Apple
  • The first people to invent aeroplane

    • Wilbur & Orville Wright
    • Lebris & Otti Lilienthal
  • The first man to invent wristwatch was

    • Patel Philippe
    • John Harwood
  • The first man to invent shoe stitching machine

    • Lyman Blake
    • Jan E. Matzeliger
  • The first man to invent modern car that uses petroleum or gasoline

    • Karl Benz
    • Nicholas J. Cugnot
  • The first woman to invent ice-cream maker

    • Nancy Johnson
    • Maria Telkes
  • The woman who invented caller ID and call waiting

    • Shirley A. Jackson
    • Grace Hopper
  • The first woman to build windscreen wiper

    • Mary Anderson
    • Mary Sharon
  • The first woman to invent dishwasher

    • Josephine Cochrane
    • Janet John

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