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How Well Do You Know Joey From FRIENDS?

How u doin??

For all those who have loved the show FRIENDS, have definitely fallen in love with the dim but handsome Joey.

All Joey fans, take this quiz to find out how well do you know Joey from Friends.

  • Question of

    Joey’s full name is?

    • Joseph Francis Tribbiani
    • Joseph Muriel Tribiani
    • Joey Francis Tribiani
    • Joey Tribiani Junior
  • Question of

    Why did Joey stick his head in the Thanksgiving Turkey?

    • To scare Monica.
    • To scare Chandler
    • To scare Phoebe
    • To scare Ross
  • Question of

    Who is Joey’s sister?

    • Maria Angela
    • Maria Theresa
    • Both
    • None
  • Question of

    Joey kept the book “The Shining” in the freezer?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    When Monica was stung by jellyfish, he remembered that peeing reduces the pain because

    • Ross had told him
    • He read about it
    • He saw it on Discovery channel
    • Chandler told him
  • Question of

    Joey’s resume mentioned that he could drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds. This happened in which Season

    • Season 7
    • Season 8
    • Season 9
    • Season 10
  • Question of

    Joey was part of the show Days of Our Lives in which seasons?

    • Season 2, Season 7 and Season 9
    • Season 2, Season 7, Season 8
    • Season 1, Season 2, Season 9
    • Season 1, Season 7, Season 9
  • Question of

    Joey cried when his friends turned 30. Who were they?

    • Ross and Chandler
    • Monica and Ross
    • Rachel and Chandler
    • Chandler and Monica
  • Question of

    Joey’s last line in the show Friends?

    • How you doin?
    • Okay. Should we get some coffee?
    • Yeah. I guess so.
    • Sure. Where?
  • Question of

    Joey’s imaginary friend is?

    • Maurice
    • Chip
    • Matt
    • Matthew


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