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Virily Quiz – What kind of articles do they post?

I recently made a quiz featuring the top 15 users in the Ranks section of Virily. You can find it here.

This quiz is for the people who where not mentioned in the above quiz but who post great articles, are very active and leave wonderful comments, along with some newbies.

Let’s see what you know about what they post about? What do they write about? What is their content?

Remember to have fun and go check out these wonderful users!

  • Question of

    Meet Vidocka. What does her content consist of?

    • Quizzes and Puzzles
    • History Articles and Home Design
    • Healing Herbs and Nature Photography
  • Question of

    Dawn Writer is great at these types of articles?

    • Puzzles and Quizzes
    • Digital Painting and Videos
    • Photography and Healthy Herbs
  • Question of

    The Official Andrew’s posts contain which types of things?

    • Animal and Wildlife Photography
    • Informational Facts and Writing
    • Swimming Articles and Landscape Photography
  • Question of

    Leigh Kemp likes to post about?

    • Fun Lists and Flower Photography
    • Helpful Articles and Writing
    • Digital Art and Landscape Photography
  • Question of

    Ileana Calotescu is great at this kind of post?

    • Entertaining and Lifestyle Articles
    • Art and Drawing
    • Fun Lists and Macro Photography
  • Question of

    Lacho59’s content is made up of mostly?

    • Nature Photography and Flower Photography
    • Portrait Photography and Food Articles
    • Puzzles and Lists
  • Question of

    Michelle Renee Kidwell is awesome at these kind of posts?

    • Wildlife Photography and Architecture Photography
    • Photography Art and Entertaining Articles about life
    • Fun Lists and Macro Photography
  • Question of

    Pamela Moresby loves to post about what?

    • History and Literature
    • Digital Painting and Photo Art
    • Bird Articles and Drawing
  • Question of

    Olga N. is really good at these types of articles?

    • Swimming Articles and Videos
    • Entertaining Lifestyle Articles and Digital Art
    • Landscape and Nature Photography
  • Question of

    Indexer is super at these types of posts!

    • Digital Painting and Photography Art
    • Quizzes and History Articles
    • Flower Photography and Food Articles
  • Question of

    Jett is passionate about what kind of things in her posts?

    • Landscape and Animal Photography
    • History Articles and Quizzes
    • Puzzles and Fun Lists
  • Question of

    Nina Artist is known for what kind of articles?

    • History and Literature Articles
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Healthy Herbs and Pet Photography
  • Question of

    Albert Herndianto Wigjojo loves to post about this?

    • Food and Home Design
    • Flower Photography and Puzzles
    • Digital Painting and Art
  • Question of

    Icy BC is a great maker of these kinds of posts?

    • Sports Photography and History Facts
    • Swimming Articles and Videos
    • Nature and Wildlife Photography
  • Question of

    Chris B. is wonderful at these kinds of posts?

    • Drawing and Digital Painting
    • Swimming Articles and Videos
    • Home Design and Literature Facts


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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