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Tis the right season to quiz about snow

Despite all discomfort snow does have a plus side to it and the songs that are written are a testimony to it. Then there are sceneries that are worth a second look.

Those who do not get snow take travel packages just to be in countries that are in the thick of snow not to speak of those games that need snow to play on. 

This quiz is a mix of all that  Just relax playing it with carols in the back ground   This  link has a song

Merry Christmas and happy quizzingf

  • Question of

    This country has had the highest inches of snow -312 inches

    • America
    • Japan
    • Russia
  • Question of

    Which part of India gets the most snow?

    • North
    • South
    • West
  • Question of

    How many lakes in the Antarctic Continent?

    • 379
    • 380
    • 381
  • Question of

    Some are retreating, some are advancing and some sho w no change. How many glalciers are there in the Himalayan range?

    • 2767
    • 2677
    • 2776
  • Question of

    Glaciers respond to climate change. Havin said that what is the curent number of total glaciers in the world?

    • 196,000
    • 198,000
    • 195,000
  • Question of

    This song was written in 1945 Who wrote the song Let it Snow?

    • Dean Martin
    • Jim Reeves
    • Samy Cahn
  • Question of

    I have visited several countries Where did I (Grace) get to experience snow flakes?

    • US
    • Canada
    • Nowhere
  • Question of

    Which reindeer did not belong to Santa

    • Prancer
    • Masher
    • Dancer


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