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The latest in Health and Beauty! Where are these 10 Virilians?

These 10 members have posted in the Virily’s Health and Beauty Category in the last few days.. 

Can you find where I hid these names?

Hint:  I used the same font as I did for the cover. 

Look at these 10 photos and see if you can spot the name! 

Good luck and go check out this category and these members! 

The posts are really great! 

Remember to Zoom or look at these on a big screen!

  • Audrey’s name is hidden in what part of the frame?

    • On the big boulder, left hand side!
    • On the little boulder, right hand side!
    • In the trees.
    • On Kim’s son.
  • Benny Njuguna’s name is hidden on the left hand part of the frame. True or False.

    • True, I see it.
    • False, it’s on the bottom.
    • False, it’s on the top!
    • False, it’s on the right!
  • What color is Best Feeds name?

    • Black
    • Tan/Brown
    • Purple
    • Green
  • Can you find Branka Drobnjak’s name?

    • Yes, it’s on the tree stump.
    • Yes, its in the color brown!
    • Yes, it’s in the trees!
    • Yes, it’s on the foreground.
  • Jaylar’s name is on the __________!

    • Ground
    • Legs
    • Dress
    • Sky
  • Keith Wilson’s name is hidden __________.

    • On the rocks.
    • On her shorts.
    • On her legs.
    • On her shirt
  • Mrki’s name is hidden here. If you can read the t-shirt, you can find the name. If not Zoom,! Where is this name?

    • In the back round.
    • On his head/face.
    • On his shirt.
    • On his hand and microphone.
  • Natalie is one of our sweet administrators here.Where is her name?

    • On the bottom.
    • In the middle.
    • On the top.
  • Sagar Mandan’s name is _______!!

    • In the treetop.
    • On the tree trunk.
    • On the top, in her hair.
    • On the bottom, in her hair.
  • Where did I hide Simonhopes name?

    • In the sky.
    • On that hill.
    • On the lady.
    • In the foreground.

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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