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The Latest in Architecture! Who are these Virilians?

You see this when you post in the Architecture Category on Virily. 

Architecture Lovers Can Draw Some Inspiration From The Many Beautiful, Breathtaking, Unusual Or Weird Buildings In This Category. Here You Can Find The Home You Would Love To Live In, Get Inspired For Your Future Home Or Learn Something About Home Organization.

The game: These ten members have posted in the Architecture Category in the last month! 

All you have to do is find their name hidden in the photographs below. 

Sound easy? This might be for you!

Hint: Best looked at on a large screen. Zoom is your tool! 

  • Question /

    Ileana Calotescu’s name is hidden here, but where is it?

    • On the left hand building.
    • In the sky.
    • On the right hand building.
    • On that round building.
  • Question /

    Here we have Jess Buttery. His name is hidden _______!

    • In the sky.
    • On the tree.
    • On the adobe.
    • In the grass.
  • Question /

    This is Andre Hartslief his name is ___________.

    • On the bottom walkway.
    • Top Left.
    • Dead Center.
    • Top Right.
  • Question /

    Beatriz Martins name is hidden __________.

    • Top right
    • Top left
    • Bottom right
    • Bottom left
  • Question /

    Gary J. Sibio is featured here. Where is this one hidden?

    • The grass in the back.
    • The arch.
    • The grass in front of the arch.
    • The bricks on the left.
  • Question /

    mrki’s name is hidden __________.

    • In the sky.
    • On the left hand building.
    • On the white fence.
    • On the road.
  • Question /

    Vijay Pathak’s name is ___________.

    • In the sky.
    • On that grey building.
    • On the yellow building.
    • On the cars.
  • Question /

    Where is LaJenna’s name?

    • In the blue part of the walkway.
    • On the man.
    • On the wavy wall.
    • In the green bushes.
  • Question /

    Vidocka’s name is hidden where?

    • In that window by the cars.
    • In the grass.
    • On the bricks in the back.
    • On the bricks in the front.
  • Question /

    Where is lacho59’s name hidden?

    • Counting from left to right, it’s on the second one. .
    • On the fourth one.
    • On the sixth one.
    • On the eight one.
    • On the tenth one.


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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