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Song Titles: Fill in the Blank 7

This is the seventh quiz in my “Song Titles: Fill in the Blank” series. Your goal here is to choose the missing word/words that correctly complete the song title. The songs here belong to the popular British band Queen fronted by the legendary Freddy Mercury, who brought to life such anthems as We Are the Champions, We Will Rock You, and the forever timeless Bohemian Rhapsody, among their many other classics.

Though Freddy Mercury is long gone Queen is still touring the world and is fronted by the extremely talented Adam Lambert. I’ve been to the Queen + Adam Lambert concert multiple times. It was an awesome experience. I can’t wait to see them in concert again!

How well do you know the songs of Queen? Now is your chance to find out. Have fun!

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Song Titles: Fill in the Blank

  • Question of

    Queen: “Bohemian _______”

    • Opera
    • Ballad
    • Rhapsody
  • Question of

    Queen: “Don’t _______”

    • Stop Me Now
    • Tell Me What To Do
    • Stop Loving Me
  • Question of

    Queen: “We Will _______”

    • Find You
    • Rock You
    • Put A Spell On You
  • Question of

    Queen: “Another One _______”

    • Turns To Dust
    • Bites The Dust
    • On The Run
  • Question of

    Queen: “We Are _______”

    • The Champions
    • The Warriors
    • The People
  • Question of

    Queen: “I Want To _______”

    • Run Away
    • To Live Forever
    • Break Free
  • Question of

    Queen: “Somebody _______”

    • To Love
    • For Me
    • Somebody
  • Question of

    Queen: “Love _______”

    • Me For Me
    • Of My Life
    • On The Run
  • Question of

    Queen: “_______ Queen”

    • Beautiful
    • Killer
    • Poisonous
  • Question of

    Queen: “Radio _______”

    • Interview
    • Serenade
    • Ga Ga
  • Question of

    Queen: “_______ Must Go On”

    • The Show
    • The Story
    • Our Friendship
  • Question of

    Queen: “Crazy Little Thing _______”

    • We Do
    • Called Love
    • Called Life
  • Question of

    Queen: “Under _______”

    • The Sea
    • Pressure
    • The Stars
  • Question of

    Queen: “Who Wants To _______”

    • Live On The Run
    • Live In Misery
    • Live Forever
  • Question of

    Queen: “Fat _______ Girls”

    • Lipped
    • Butt
    • Bottomed
  • Question of

    Queen: “I Want _______”

    • It All
    • You Forever
    • It Now


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