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Song Titles: Fill in the Blank 5

This is the fifth quiz in my “Song Titles: Fill in the Blank” series. Your goal here is to choose the missing word/words that correctly complete the song title. The songs here all belong to Elton John, a music legend whose songs stand the test of time. All the songs are very popular and known and sung around the world. Have fun!

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Song Titles: Fill in the Blank

  • Question of

    Elton John: “Can You Feel _______”

    • The Love Tonight
    • It In The Air Tonight
    • The Love In The Air
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Don’t Go _______”

    • The Other Way
    • Breaking My Heart
    • Away From Me
  • Question of

    Elton John: “I’m Still _______”

    • The Same
    • On Top Of The World
    • Standing
  • Question of

    Elton John: “I Guess That’s Why _______”

    • They Call It The Blues
    • We Parted
    • They Call It Fate
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Don’t Let The Sun _______”

    • Fade
    • Burn Me
    • Go Down On Me
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Candle _______”

    • Burning
    • In The Wind
    • Of Love
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Rocket _______”

    • Lauch
    • Man
    • Ship
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Bennie _______”

    • I Love You
    • You’re Mine
    • & The Jets
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Crocodile _______”

    • Pond
    • Citing
    • Rock
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Tiny _______”

    • Foot
    • Dancer
    • Hand
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Goodbye Yellow _______”

    • Car
    • Brick Road
    • Submarine
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Circle _______”

    • Of Life
    • Of Love
    • In The Sky
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Something About The Way _______”

    • You Make Me Feel
    • You Move
    • You Look Tonight
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Mona Lisas And _______”

    • Van Goghs
    • Mad Hatters
    • Da Vincis
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Your _______”

    • Love
    • Smile
    • Song
  • Question of

    Elton John: “Sorry Seems _______”

    • To Be Forgotten
    • To Be The Hardest Word
    • To Be For Fools


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    • I am so upset I didn’t go to his concert. When I first found out he was coming to NYC the only thing available was resell tickets that cost way too much money so I didn’t buy. Then when new dates were added I thought it was too early to buy tickets and then I forgot and by the time I remembered all that was available were either overpriced resell ones or those with a bad view. So I never got to see him in concert. And never will as this was his farewell tour.

      • He is #1 on my list for people to see in concert. He came to Cleveland last fall; and I was looking for wheelchair seats. (I have trouble getting around; so my husband was going to take me in a wheelchair). They either never had any or they were all sold out. He’s coming back this fall; and I have the same situation. One interesting note: You can get a front row center stage seat for $4,719.00 EACH. If I won the lottery, I would go! I’d park my wheelchair right up front! lololol

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