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Science Quiz #2

Here is a fun and easy general science quiz.

Test your knowledge on light, the Earth, the stars, temperature and species, and other science facts.

Have fun and enjoy!

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    How many unique species are on our planet?

    • 105 million
    • 8.7 million
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    The closest star to the Sun is

    • Alpha Centauri A
    • Proxima Centauri
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    How long does it take light to travel from Sun to the Earth?

    • 8 minutes
    • 8 seconds
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    How old is the Earth?

    • 3.5 billion years
    • 4.5 billion years
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    What is the distance of a light-year in a vacuum?

    • 10 trillion km
    • 10 million km
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    How many bones in a human hand?

    • 27
    • 20
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    What is the lowest possible temperature?

    • 0 F
    • -459.67 F
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    Which is longer?

    • Earth’s equitorial circumference
    • Earth’s polar circumference


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