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Quiz: Geography Terms A – C

 In this fun quiz, for each question  you will see a geographical term followed by several definitions. All you have to do is choose the right one! Let us know how you get on! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Question of

    What does ‘alluvia’ mean?

    • Silt and gravel deposited by running water
    • Lake and woodland landscape
    • Coastline characterised by deep inlets
  • Question of


    • A natural dam formed by glaciation
    • A narrow mountain ridge
    • A cold onshore breeze
  • Question of


    • A large headland extending into a body of water
    • A navigable artificial water channel
    • A dry desert gulch
  • Question of


    • A desert island
    • A coral reef encircling a lagoon
    • A recently-active volcano
  • Question of


    • A large, open bay
    • The solid rock in the Earth’s crust
    • Small fragments of lava blasted into the air by volcanic explosions
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    • The vegetation that would exist in an area if growth had proceeded undisturbed for an extended period
    • The conversion of open spaces, landscapes, and natural environments by human action
    • The animal and plant life of a region
  • Question of


    • A landscape of mixed woodland and pasture
    • Land surrounding a river estuary
    • Fine liquid or solid particles suspended in the atmosphere
  • Question of


    • A figure on a map displaying the orientation of the four cardinal directions
    • Unnavigable steep terrain
    • A large volcanic crater
  • Question of


    • An upland river bank
    • A coral island
    • A landform at the mouth of a river
  • Question of


    • A dense, impenetrable thicket of shrubs
    • An area of irregular topography resulting from extensive wind and water erosion
    • A line indicating the limit of a geographical entity
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    • A soil made up of small particles that were transported by the wind
    • A low area between hills or mountains
    • A warm, dry wind
  • Question of


    • The lowest point on a mountain ridge between two peaks
    • The highest point on a mountain range
    • Forested terrain on the leeward side of a mountain
  • Question of


    • A situation in which an increase in the size of the labour force would result in an increase in per-worker productivity
    • An opening at the Earth’s surface through which volcanic gases erupt
    • An amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion
  • Question of


    • A long ridge with a steep scarp slope and gentle backslope
    • A vertical column of rock in the sea formed by erosion by wave action
    • A place on the ocean floor where magma erupts
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    BONUS QUESTION: Which country’s name differs by only one letter from the name of another country?

    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Ireland
    • Poland


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  1. Hi, Norman. You are my first visited user and this publication is the first one I see and in which I participate. I was afraid of failing too much but apparently I was not so bad, I responded well 8 out of 15.


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