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Science General MCQ

Here are some science general mcq type questions, that will help you test as well as improve your basic knowledge.

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    Brass gets dis-colored in due to presence of which of the gas in air?

    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen sulphide
    • Carbon dioxide
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    A non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

    • Phosphorous
    • Bromine
    • Helium
  • Question of

    Pencils are made of what?

    • Graphite
    • Silicon
    • Charcoal
  • Question of

    Potassium nitrate is used in

    • glass
    • fertiliser
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    Soda water contains which of the following?

    • nitrous acid
    • HCL
    • NACL
    • carbon dioxide
  • Question of

    The very most soluble in water is?

    • sugar
    • common salt
    • sulphur
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    Which of the following are the ingredients of gun metal?

    • Copper, Tin
    • kerosene
    • alcohol
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    Marsh gas is?

    • nitrogen
    • ethane
    • methane


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