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Quiz 2 Croatia in the Late Middle and Early Modern Times

The early new century in Croatia begins in 1526. A fateful battle took place that year in Mohacko Polje, in which the Croats lost. Not only did they lose, but the joint Hungarian-Croatian state collapsed, and Croatia quickly became part of a new state union called the Habsburg Monarchy.

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    What impact on the history of Županja has peace in Srijem Karlovci had?

    • The Venetian rule in Županja was abolished
    • the Ottoman rule in Županja was abolished
    • The Habsburg rule in Županja was abolished
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    Why do Zrinski and Frankopans organize resistance to the Habsburgs?

    • Because they did not help in defending the Ottomans
    • Because they cooperated with the Croats in the fight against the Ottomans
    • Because they allied themselves with the Venetians against the Croats
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    Explain the importance of peace in Srijem Karlovci.

    • The Military Frontier is formed along the border with present-day BiH
    • the Hungarian-Croatian state abolished
    • Venetian rule in Croatia ceases
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    What was the name of the only free territory in present-day Croatia in the 16th and 17th centuries?

    • Remains of Croatia
    • Remains of Hungary
    • Residue residues
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    What is not the consequence of the resistance of Zrinski and Frankopan?

    • Croatia remained defenseless against the Ottomans
    • The two most important Croatian noble families have perished
    • Habsburg rule abolished in Croatia
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    What is not the cause of Dubrovnik’s downfall?

    • conquest of the Ottomans
    • geographical discoveries
    • fire
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    Why do Croats choose Ferdinand as ruler?

    • He promised to help defend the Mongols
    • He promised to help defend the Ottomans
    • He promised to help defend the Habsburgs
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    What caused the migration of Croats in the early new century?

    • Conquest of the Habsburgs
    • Conquest of the Ottomans
    • Conquest of the Venetians


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