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Nursing History

This is a quiz from my practical nursing textbook when I was studying to become a practical nurse. This is a from the beginning of the program when all nursing students learn about the profession and the history of nursing and some of the techniques used then is still used today. There will be more of these quizzes as I progress through my nursing foundations textbook.

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    Illness is an abnormal process that affects social, emotional and intellectual

    • conditions
    • diseases
    • diagnoses
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    There are treatments that were used in the past as well as now. These treatments are…

    • purgatives, cauterization, emetics
    • injections
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    In the nursing profession what is meant by the term medicine?

    • Science of diseases and medications
    • Science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and maintenance of good health
    • Study of spirits and demons in human wellness
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    What is meant by the term ‘holistic’?

    • pertaining to the whole
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    What is the ‘Nightingale Plan’?

    • exercise control over a nursing graduate
    • establish a standard for a practicing nurse
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    What is meant by licensure or what constitutes licensure?

    • be a competent person to practice nursing
    • license to give medications and diagnose medical conditions
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    What are the measures that new nurses were supposed to have after training and the ‘Nightingale Plan’?

    • Diagnosing illness and diseases
    • Writing legislation as per local, state and federal laws
    • learning how to use new medical equipment, basic nursing care as good hygiene and nutrition
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    How has nursing education changed over time? through history?

    • Nursing was mainly on the job training
    • During WWI and WWII increased the need for trained nursing personnel
    • Both of these


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