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Make your day on the National Day!

When is it again?  The national day is a special day that we celebrate to commemorate a certain event.   It could be the day it was found or sometimes an event that happened on that specific day.   Sometimes, the day is just a reminder of what a certain cause, issue or concern, it is called “Awareness.” Do you know when to celebrate?  Let’s give it a try.

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    National Day of Red Roses – celebrates the flower that is a symbol of love and romance

    • every second Saturday of June
    • every Valentine’s Day
    • every day in my yard
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    National Day of Chocolate – declared by National Confectioners Association

    • October 28
    • November 28
    • Everyday for me
    • Who cares? Yummy!
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    Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day – This is a day to remember our dearly beloved loved pets whether in hair, fur, feathers or scales.

    • August 28
    • September 28
    • October 28
    • I miss my pet.
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    National Lost Sock Memorial Day : Time to let go of those single/mateless socks.

    • Poor little one, single forever.
    • May 9
    • Anyone buying a sinlge sock?
    • Seriously is it June 9?
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    National Friendship Day

    • usually last week of July
    • usually first week of August
    • date varies in between weeks mentioned above.
    • I have no friends :’ (
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    National Peanut Butter Day

    • January 24
    • February 30
    • with Jam? Why not?
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    National Sneakers Day

    • October 9
    • September 9
    • Everyday is
    • I don’t wear sneakers
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    Your Happy Birth Day!

    • June 18
    • November 15
    • Days Vary


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