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Let's sing with Jim Reeves – What does CHRISTMAS stand for – A Quiz

Jim Reeves is one of my favourite singers.  I am an oldie and most bygone singers are my favourites including Connie Francis

Jim Reeves spells out CHRISITMAS in one of his renditions.  You have to answer questions based on it.For me C is for cake as I associate Christmas with lots of goodies that we make at home  Never mind what it measn to me  But do you know what it meant for Jim Reeves?

Good Luck

  • Question of

    For me ‘C’ is for Cake what was it for Jim Reeves?

    • Christ Jesus
    • Christ Child
    • Christ Babe
  • Question of

    Next comes ‘H’. What did Jim Reeves think it was?

    • Herald Angels
    • Hail Angels
    • Heavenly Angels
  • Question of

    What stood for ‘R’ for Jim Reeves?

    • Risen Lord
    • Redeemer
    • Royalty
  • Question of

    Next comes ‘I’ What did Jim Reeves say it stood for?

    • Israel
    • Important
    • Ingenious
  • Question of

    What stood for ‘S’ according to Jim Reeves?

    • Star
    • Shining
    • Superior
  • Question of

    ‘T’ comes next. You know the Answer?

    • Three wise men
    • Three shephards
    • Three stars
  • Question of

    The next alphabet is ‘M’. What did Jim say it stood for?

    • Manger
    • Mary
    • Mother dear
  • Question of

    ‘A’ comes next. Jim Reeves did have his own version What was it

    • All
    • Awe inspiring
    • Awful
  • Question of

    The last ‘S’. Can you guess?

    • Shepherds
    • Silent Night
    • Stary night


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