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Counting in Kiswahili is simple

Moja is one

Mbili is two

Tatu is three

Nne is four

Tano is five

Sita is six

Saba is seven

Nane is eight

Tisa is nine

Kumi is ten

Ishirini is twenty

Thelathini is thirty

Arubaini is forty

Hamsini is fifty

Sitini is sixty

Sabini is seventy

Themanini is eighty

Tisini is ninety

Mia moja is one hundred

We use ‘na’ for ‘and’

Kumi na moja is eleven

Ishirini na tatu is twenty three

Thelathini na nne is thirty four

Arubaini na nane is forty eight

Hamsini na tisa is fifty nine

Sitini na mbili is dixty two

Sabini na sita is seventy six

Themanini na tano is eighty five

Tisini na nane is ninety eight

Attempt these numbers

  • 39

    • Thelathini na tisa
    • Themanini na tisa
  • 65

    • Sitini na tano
    • Tisini na tano
  • 53

    • Hamsini na tatu
    • Thelathini na tano
  • 96

    • Tisini na sita
    • Sitini na tisa
  • 69

    • Tisini na sita
    • Sitini na tisa
  • Thelathini

    • 30
    • 80
  • 44

    • Nne na arubaini
    • Arubaini na nne
  • Kumi na tano

    • 51
    • 15
  • 21

    • Thelathini na moja
    • Ishirini na moja
  • 55

    • Sitini na tano
    • Hamsini na tano

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