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Do You Know Forensic Science ~ Quiz

Forensic science has always intrigued me. And with the advanced technology we have now, it is amazing how murder cases can be solved sometimes many years later. DNA is one of these technologies that those committing the crimes did not count on. It seems pretty hard to get away with murder these days! See how well you do on this quiz.

  • Question of

    Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who was convicted on the basis of which type of forensic evidence?

    • Ballistics
    • DNA Fingerprinting
    • Bite Marks
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    In October 1974 part of a male torso was found floating in the River Thames in England. Several parts, including the head and hands, were missing so police could not use the usual methods of fingerprints, facial features and dental records to identify the corpse. How was it eventually identified?

    • Presence of Gallstones
    • Skeletal characteristics demonstrated on x-ray
    • Blood Type
    • All of the Above
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    The time of death can be calculated by various means. One is rigor mortis, Latin for ‘the stiffness of death’. Another indication is livor mortis or lividity. What does this term refer to?

    • Degree of digestion of stomach contents
    • Gravitational pooling of blood
    • Cloudiness in Eyes
    • All of the Above
  • Question of

    Lord Louis Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, was blown to pieces in 1979 when an IRA bomb exploded on his yacht. How did police link the murderer, Thomas McMahon, to the crime scene?

    • Trace evidence of nitroglycerine
    • Matching paint samples
    • Matching sand samples
    • All of the Above
  • Question of

    When attempting to identify a skeleton, craniofacial morphology (the structure and form of the skull and face) is the best indicator of race. One group of human beings has a unique, rounded jaw bone which is called a ‘rocker jaw’. This is a characteristic of which ethnic group?

    • African Americans
    • Hawaiians
    • Australian Aborigines
  • Question of

    In 1835, Henry Goddard was asked to investigate a burglary in Southampton, England. The butler said a shot had been fired as he struggled with the burglars. Goddard retrieved the bullet and disproved the butler’s version of events by using which technique?

    • Bullet comparison
    • Studying the bullet’s trajectory
    • Blood spatter analysis
    • All of the Above
  • Question of

    In Knoxville, Tennessee, there is a research facility, popularly known as ‘the Body Farm’, where research is conducted into the nature of human decomposition and the factors which affect the rate at which it occurs. Who was responsible for the creation of this facility?

    • Gil Grissom
    • Ernest T. Bass
    • William Bass
  • Question of

    It is the function of a coroner to conduct inquiries into all deaths which are not natural or expected. However, originally the job of coroner was to perform which of the following functions?

    • Trying felony cases
    • Tax Collector
    • Safeguarding the property
    • All of the Above


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Written by Carol DM

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