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Do You Know Some of the Famous Inventors? Play This Quiz And Check Their Inventions

We can’t live in our most comfortable lifestyle without these famous inventors who did it first studying the basic principles how these electrical, mechanical, or powered-driven inventions work.

We can’t sleep well without air conditioners or electric fans. We can’t preserve foods without refrigerators. Our lives won’t be updated without mass communications or hearing news overseas thru televisions and radios. Imagine without these inventors who worked hard just for saving the future — which are already in us, Β to get our lifestyle’s comfy and easy-going as much as possible.

So I have here a a quiz about famous inventions and the inventors behind.

Check your brain cells if you still have some memory in your school days about some of these inventions.

Share your result after this quiz.

Make sure you get 6/10 as minimum score to get passed.

Good luck!

  • Question of

    Aside from how the principle works on tanks, parachutes, and helicopters, what other object considered as an important school supply for kids, attributed as an invention to Leonardo da Vinci?

    • ballpen
    • stapler
    • paper clips
    • scissor
  • Question of

    Who accidentally invented nylon (that became useful in the production of dental floss) and later committed himself suicide due to loneliness?

    • Rudolf Diesel
    • Wallace Carothers
    • Douglas Engelbart
    • Igor Sikorsky
  • Question of

    What did Isaac Singer invented that’s became useful nowadays in textile industry?

    • tape measure
    • threads
    • sewing machine
    • ruler
  • Question of

    This invention has its own name in Britain and was invented by Elisha Otis?

    • elevator
    • escalator
    • walkalator
    • calculator
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    What did Whitcomb L. Judson invented that became known as clasp locker before?

    • door hinge
    • zipper
    • key
    • Scotch tape
  • Question of

    What is the color of flight recorder or black box that was invented by an Australian inventor named David Warren?

    • black
    • rainbow
    • orange
    • silver
  • Question of

    What is the first name of the Hungarian sculptor and inventor of 3D combination puzzle known as Rubik’s cube?

    • Enzo
    • Ernie
    • Erno
    • Ernest
  • Question of

    Lead engineer Martin Cooper is credited with the invention of mobile phones, thus he is also known as “The Father of Cell Phones”. What company did he worked before during his patent of mobile phones?

    • Motorola
    • Sony-Ericsson
    • Nokia
    • Vodafone
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    What famous wireless connection invented by Dr. Jaap Haartsen while working at Ericsson in 1990s?

    • wifi
    • hotspot
    • bluetooth
    • vpn
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    What company licensed compact discs or CDs and later attributed to them (but originally it was invented by James Russell in 1966 and patented in 1970) ?

    • Samsung
    • Apple
    • Microsoft
    • Sony and Philips


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Written by Trafalgar Law