How wide is your brain?

History and science say the things beyond your knowledge. Now, answer this set of questions and know how far do you know the world. Prior knowledge is needed here.

Are you ready to discover the world? Good luck!

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    What is the name of the world’s largest freshwater lake?

    • Lake Superior
    • Lake Malawi
    • Lake Victoria
  • Question of

    The Sea of Tranquility is found in _____?

    • The Earth
    • The Moon
    • Mars
  • Question of

    Lexicon is another word for ______?

    • Novel
    • Diary
    • Dictionary
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    ________ is the seventh planet from the sun.

    • Venus
    • Jupiter
    • Uranus
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    What is the name of biggest Island in the world?

    • New Guinea
    • Greenland
    • Madagascar
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    Name the largest ocean in the word.

    • Pacific Ocean
    • Arctic Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
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    The falchion (weapon) is a kind of ________.

    • Gun
    • Sword
    • Spear
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    ______________ invented the rabies vaccination.

    • Louis Pasteur
    • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Sir Isaac Newton
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    Name the longest river in the world.

    • Nile
    • Amazon
    • Yangtze
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    What is the smallest nation in the world?

    • Monaco
    • Vatican
    • Nauru


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