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How well do you know your apples and oranges? Fun Fruit Facts Quiz

Fruits and vegetables make up an important part of the diet of humans and animals. The important minerals and chemicals in fruits provide protection against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. There is a wide variety of fruits to choose from but most of us just eat a few different kinds in our lifetime. It is an adventure to try different types of fruits and different species of fruits. Many tropical fruits are considered super-fruits by virtue of the essential health enhancing properties they contain.

How much do you know about the fruits you eat? Do you know the difference between a fruit or a vegetable or a herb? Hopefully this quiz will give you a little more insight into some popular fruits.

  • This popular fruit is not really a fruit but a herb because it lacks a woody stem

    • Orange
    • Strawberry
    • Banana
  • This fruit not only keeps the doctor away but it can float because it is 25% air

    • Plum
    • Apple
    • Grape
  • This tropical fruit is made up of several fused together berries which makes it a berry

    • Mango
    • Pineapple
    • Avocado
  • These types of fruits belong to the rose family

    • Plums
    • Cherries
    • Berries
  • A member of the berry family, this fruit has the highest fat content of fruits

    • Avocado
    • Passion fruit
    • Kiwi
  • Only ten thousand of these are produced every year and cost about $6,000 each

    • The black Densuke Watermelon
    • The Budda Pear
    • The Sekai Ichi apple
  • The most consumed fruit in the world according to

    • Apple
    • Mango
    • Banana
  • The most popular fruit in the world according to World

    • Watermelon
    • Apple
    • Tomato
  • How many different types of apples are grown around the world?

    • 2,500
    • 4,500
    • 7,500
  • It is banned in some public places in Singapore because of its smell

    • Dragon fruit
    • Durian
    • Pummelo

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