How Much Do You Know About Zagreb, The Capital of Croatia?

Zagreb is the capital and largest city of Croatia. I am born in this city and I think it’s really nice city to live in. Take this Quiz and find out how much do you know about this beautiful city.

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    What is Zagreb total metropolitan area population?

    • 1,237,887
    • 2,237,887
    • 3,237,887
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    What’s the name of first mayor of Zagreb?

    • Milan Bandic
    • Janko Kamauf
    • Tvrtko Jusic
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    What is average monthly net salary in Zagreb?

    • €840
    • €740
    • €940
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    How many road traffic bridges across river Sava Zagreb have?

    • 4
    • 7
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    At what year was built The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb?

    • 1905
    • 1895
    • 1883
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    What’s most famous Zagreb souvenir?

    • Stone heart
    • Tie
    • Chocolate rabbit
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    What is the name of the main square in Zagreb?

    • Bandic Square
    • Plancic Square
    • Jelacic Square
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    What is strukle?

    • Traditional walnut roll
    • Cottage cheese strudel
    • Traditional cake with rum


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