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Resolution Goals While I am Away

Goals for 7/17  ~ Wednesday

~Get everything packed and in the car so go time at 3:00am he can simply stumble out with his pillow and we are off!

~Make certain all hospice and other people have instructions, phone numbers and all emergency information

~ Make certain the fridge is stocked

~ Finish up any posts left hanging

~ Create one post for resolution goals while I am gone

~ Complete as many responses as possible

~ Put Grandma’s card in the vehicle


Resolution Goals 7/18 ~ Thursday

~ Drive carefully and thoughtfully

~ Play music he enjoys and allow him as much sleep as possible

~ Stop and purchase hostess gift

~ Smile

~ Check out the bison

~ Stop by my Aunts’ home

~ Check in

~ Go to Grandma’s

~ Go visit the children

7/19 ~ Friday

~ Prepare breakfast for 12 people

~ Finish anything that has not been completed for the party

~ 2 hour open house party

~ Clean up after party

~ Check the pivots

~ If weather permits cut hay

~Prepare lunch for 12 people

~Prepare barbecue for 120 people

 7/20 ~ Saturday

~Prepare breakfast for 12 people


~Play with the children

~ If weather permits cut hay

7/21 ~ Sunday

~Prepare breakfast for 12 people

~ Say my goodbyes

~ Drive safely home

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    Can you tell I am excited to go?

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    Do you think my husband will enjoy the travel?

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    Do you think I will have a hard time leaving my brother?

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