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How good You know Your Body ~ Simple quiz.

Hi all,

Let’s start this Monday with a simple quiz on the human body. Take this quiz and confirm, How much you know about your body.

This is a simple and interesting quiz about the human body. But I do not claim that the answers are 100% medically correct. This quiz is just for fun and the answers are nearly the same for average peoples.

So do take the quiz and let us know if you like it. You may find some interesting information about the human body here.

  • How many liters of blood contains in the human body?

    • 2-3
    • 3-4
    • 4-5
    • 5-6
  • what is the amount of urine that a healthy human passes each day?

    • 2000 ml
    • 1500 ml
    • 1000 ml
  • what is the weight of heart in an average human being?

    • 550 gm apx
    • 400 gm apx
    • 300 gm apx
  • Who has more numbers of bones?

    • A Child
    • An Adult
    • both have same number of bones
  • Human eyes remain same size as they were at birth?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What can kill you faster?

    • Lake of sleep
    • Lake of Food
  • How many bones are there in your skull

    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
    • 30
  • Which blood-group people are considered as universal Donner?

    • O+
    • O-
    • AB-

What do you think?

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