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Guess That Animal Quiz

Welcome back to my new quiz.  This time I will give you question about pets and wild animals and you have to guess which animal I am talking about. So how many animals do you think you can identify ? Don’t forget to share your results in the comments below.

  • Question of

    I swing from tree to tree and I like bananas.

    • A cat
    • A monkey
    • A Koala
  • Question of

    I can change my skin colour to match what surrounds it.

    • A frog
    • A spider
    • A chameleon
  • Question of

    I’m black and white and I used to live in a bamboo forest.

    • A zebra
    • A killer whale
    • A panda
  • Question of

    I lick myself instead of taking baths and I like to catch mice.

    • A cat
    • A rabbit
    • A dog
  • Question of

    I am a jumping insect with very long antennae, and I make irritating sounds .

    • A cockroach
    • A grasshopper
    • A cricket
  • Question of

    I have black and white stripes. One of my closest relatives is a horse..

    • A zebra
    • A moose
    • A donkey
  • Question of

    I make a sound similar to a human laugh and I look like a dog

    • A wolf
    • A fox
    • A hyena
  • Question of

    I live underwater and all the other sea creatures are afraid of me.

    • A shark
    • A starfish
    • A jellyfish


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