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General Science Quiz

Hello dear, Virilians and friends. Here is a quiz about general science for all of you. It’s for fun and for additional learning.

If you are ready to test your prior knowledge, then hit the LETS PLAY button. Good luck and please do share  your result guys.

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    Which planet in our solar system has an axis that is titled by 98 degrees?

    • Saturn
    • Uranus
    • Mars
  • Question of

    Which American inventor is generally given credit for the invention of the lightning rod?

    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Alexander Graham Bell
    • Garrett Morgan
  • Question of

    Titan, Enceladus, Mimas & Iapetus are just some of the moons orbiting which planet?

    • Saturn
    • Earth
    • Venus
  • Question of

    In humans, what is the only internal organ capable of regenerating lost tissue?

    • The Heart
    • The Lungs
    • The Liver
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    Ceres is a dwarf planet that lies between the orbits of which two planets in our solar system?

    • Mars and Earth
    • Mars & Jupiter
    • Saturn and Jupiter
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    How many pairs of chromosomes are in found in the average human?

    • Twenty-one
    • Twenty-two
    • Twenty-three
  • Question of

    The atmospheric temperature at which water vapor begins to condense and form dew, is called DEW POINT.

    • Yes
    • No
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    In most modern vehicles, the carburator has been replace with Fuel Injection.

    • Yes
    • No


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