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General Quiz About Animals

This quiz simply covers a few things about animals that people may or may not know. The questions aren’t specifically about one kind of animal or group of animals, so this would definitely be more along the lines of being a simple animal trivia quiz. 

  • True seals and sea lions look similar in some ways and different in others. One of these has visible external ears and their rear flippers can be rotated so they can effectively walk on their flippers on land. Which does this describe?

    • True seal
    • Sea lion
  • A very long time ago, there were numerous kinds of marsupials in South America. Now, there is only one. This is commonly called the:

    • Opossum
    • Pica
    • Languer
  • The foul-tempered and mean creature in this picture is a:

    • Tasmanian devil
    • Annocoti
    • Wolverine
  • This strange looking critter isn’t a rabbit, it is a rodent that lives in South America. This animal is called a:

    • Patagonian Mara
    • Argentinian Jackfinch
    • Peruvian Squirrel
  • This unusual type of animal is a gerenuk. Its slender build and very long neck allow it to reach branches many other animals can’t reach and it sometimes stands on its rear legs in order to reach even higher. What continent would this animal be found on?

    • Africa
    • South America
    • Asia
  • This weird animal sort of looks like a cross between a hippopotamus and a wild pig. It is actually related to both and is called a babirusa. Where would you find this creature?

    • South Africa
    • Indonesia
    • India
  • The Sunda Flying Lemur, pictured here, is not a lemur and it can’t fly, though it is entirely arboreal, living in the trees. Where would this animal be found?

    • Madagascar
    • Brazil
    • Southeast Asia
  • This is an animal is native to Madagascar and its primary food is earthworms. What is it called?

    • Spined Ginkorina
    • Lowland Streaked Tenrec
    • African Echidna
  • This crazy looking herbivore is found mostly in Mongolia. It is critically endangered, in large part because large numbers of the animals periodically drop dead without apparent reason. What is this animal called?

    • Chinese Waterbuck
    • Asian Steppe Deer
    • Saiga Antelope
  • This kind of animal is called the chamois and it is an animal of the mountains. In which of the following mountain ranges might you find a chamois?

    • The Swiss Alps
    • The Peruvian Andes
    • The Rocky Mountains

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