Facebook Abbreviations : Part 1

We are using Facebook every day to create/reply messages. As we don’t have time to type fully, we use several short forms or abbreviations. These abbreviations may be used in other social media and chat messengers also. Let us see how many of these you know 🙂

  • What does A3 stands for?

    • Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
    • Angry,Anxiety,Alarmed
    • Apple,Avocado,Apricot
  • What does AFAIK stands for?

    • As Far As I Know
    • As Far As I Knew
    • As Far As I Known
    • As Far As I Can
  • What does AHFY stands for?

    • Always here for you
    • Always here for them
    • Always here for us
    • None of the above
  • What does AML stands for?

    • All my life
    • All my love
    • All my like
    • All my laziness
  • What does ATM stands for ?

    • Automatic teller machine
    • At this minute
    • At this moment
    • All this moment
  • What does BB stands for?

    • Bring Business
    • Bring Baby
    • Bright Blessings
  • What does BBL stands for?

    • Be back later
    • Be back love
    • Be back lover
    • None of the above
  • What does BGF stands for?

    • best garbage forever
    • best girl friend
    • best girl fiancee
    • best girl lover
  • What does CSL stands for?

    • Can’t Stop Loving
    • Can’t Stop Liking
    • Can Say Life
    • Can’t Stop Laughing
  • What does CTO stands for?

    • Catch This Out
    • Check This Out
    • Catch This Outlook
    • Catch This Owl

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