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English time! Here’s another quiz for you…

I will give the sentence, and you should give me the ADJECTIVE answer.. This is only review during our school time..  Now lets start.. GOOD LUCK!

  • Question of

    The abandoned children was sent to the Orphanage. Which is Adjective here??

    • Abandoned
    • Sent
    • Orphanage
  • Question of

    The Dress of a Lady is not Appropriate in the occassion..

    • Dress
    • Appropriate
    • Occassion
  • Question of

    Everyone has always a second look to a Charming woman..??

    • Everyone
    • Look
    • Charming
  • Question of

    The Ice Cream is Delicious! Again which is Adjective here??

    • Delicious
    • Ice Cream
  • Question of

    The Lady don’t want to talk about her bad experiences with her past relationship??

    • Lady
    • Bad
    • Relationship
  • Question of

    There is a saying that ” A Healthy Lifestyle changes Everything! ” .. Now which is Adjective again here ??

    • Healthy
    • Lifestyle
    • Changes
  • Question of

    One of the famous film of Clint Eastwood was ” DIRTY HARRY “.. ??

    • Famous and Film?
    • Famous and Dirty?
    • Dirty Harry?
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    A talkative person never get tired of giving Stories..??

    • Talkative
    • Never
    • Tired


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