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You don’t know Ledante quiz

You don’t know Ledante, but if you did then you did know me I am a weak-willed tool who always gives into peer pressure because I donn’t have much of a personality, so it should come as no surprise that just decided to jump on the selfie quiz bandwagon… All the cool bloggers were doing it and no matter how shameless or gratuitous, I’m going to go along with the in crowd like I always have. Don’t judge me; I don’t know any better, for example- did you know I used to be a stripper?

Don’t get excited, I was working for a printer back before the industry went digital and did color separation with rubylith film. The job title was actually color stripper but everyone just called me the stripper and I went along with it to get a rise out of people

  • Which of the following positions have I never held?

    • digital colorist intern for Image Comics
    • software quality assurance lead
    • quartermaster for an archeology dig
    • pizza delivery dude
  • I wrote code in the all of the following languages except

    • python
    • fortran
    • basic
    • assembly
  • Once upon a time, I was…

    • considered a threat to national security
    • the king of Narnia
    • stupid enough to believe I would live on the moon
    • the highest ranked go player in southern california
  • I was once a guest chef at Satsuma Sushi

    • True
    • False
  • You would most likely beat me in the following game

    • backgammon
    • chess
    • go
    • rochambeaux
  • At one point in time, the United States Government suspected me of…

    • murder
    • terrorism
    • embezzlement
    • being deceased
  • The character of Clay in Brett Easton Ellis’ novel Less Than Zero was loosely based upon Alex Ledante

    • true
    • false
  • If you closed your eyes and picked a book at random from my shelf, it would most likely be written by…

    • Gene Wolfe
    • Tom Robbins
    • Ernest Hemmingway
    • Emily Bronte
  • I am unable to write script in…

    • XML
    • Lingo
    • Java
    • HTML
  • Everything I know about talking to girls I learned from

    • Deborah Harry
    • Ann Wilson
    • Kristin Hersh
    • all of the above

What do you think?

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