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Discover Your Style for Dealing with Change and Managing Change – PERSONALITY QUIZ – How Do You React To Change? (Part 1)

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Using my Personality Quiz on Change Management; you can find out how you currently react to change; and deal with those changes that are affecting you.

This quiz enables you to discover what your style for managing change is; and it will help you decide, or reflect, on what you can do, when dealing with situations of impending change.

There are no right, or wrong answers to any of the questions and scenarios. Simply, select the options which you think best applies to you. It is important that you are as truthful as possible in your responses to the questions/scenarios; as your profile is based on your answers.

Do enjoy completing this quiz; and share it with your friends, and others in your social networks. You could leave your comments, in the section below. Thanks. Good luck.

Notes: Changes happens in every area of our lives. Think about some of the major changes currently sweeping through the world such as: Artificial Intelligence; Digital Transformation; Internet of Things; FinTech; Robotics; Brexit; America First; Populism; Post-Truth; high rates of divorces and relationship breakdowns.

Change affects all of us and disrupts our workplaces; our work and personal lives. It affects everyone; every organisation; government and nation with the widest range of every imaginable consequences. Change often results from being triggered by something; and this trigger could be big, or small; or even yet another change!

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  • Question of

    How much do you like change, in general?

    • I don’t like change. I hate change and I dread the prospect of it
    • I like change, it can be an uncertain journey into the unknown
    • I only live with the status quo; I don’t care about change,
  • Question of

    If change is being proposed, what do you do?

    • I readily accept the need for change
    • I openly resist the need for change
    • I don’t accept the need for change
  • Question of

    Whenever change is happening around me; I believe that:

    • Change will only make things to go worse
    • Change does not affect me and things will remain the same
    • Change will only make things to be better
  • Question of

    In the past, did you always support change?

    • I often withhold my support from change
    • I often work against any proposals of change
    • I always give my full support for change
  • Question of

    What will you do, if you don’t like the change that is being implemented?

    • I will protest against the change and try to stop it from happening
    • I will still go along with the change, hoping that things will improve
    • I will simply ignore the change and just refuse to go along with it
  • Question of

    What will you do now, that change is about to arrive?

    • I will continue doing what I have always done, rather than get involved in the change
    • I will seek alternative situations not affected by the change, while I fight the change
    • I will be exploring what the change means for me and then embrace it regardless
  • Question of

    Do you see the benefits of change; as good or bad?

    • No, I can’t see the benefits of change; for the sake of change
    • Yes, I can see the benefits in any change
    • No, I don’t believe that change is for the good
  • Question of

    When it comes to other people, who are affected by the change; what will you do?

    • I will advise them to ignore the change, and it will go away
    • I will organise them to challenge the change
    • I will help them accept the change
  • Question of

    If I know the person who brought the change into my workplace;

    • I will blame the person and work against him or her
    • I will applaud and support the person earnestly
    • I will ignore the person; just as I have ignored the change
  • Question of

    If it becomes clear that the change is not working, after it has been implemented:

    • Then I want things to return back to the way they used to be
    • Then I take action to damage any chance of that change ever happening again
    • Then I will try harder to find better solutions to make the change work
  • Question of

    What do you do now, that the change has arrived?

    • I will fight the change so that the change does not work
    • I will find something else to do that does not involve the change
    • I will find ways to make the best of the change – and may be a bad situation


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Written by Daniel Obiago

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