Are You Cynical?

It is not an easy factor to determine if you are cynical or to what degree because people are always changing, growing and learning. This quiz will give you a snapshot of what you might be today. No quiz is perfect, don’t take it to heart if it comes out to an undesirable conclusion for you.

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    How would you describe yourself?

    • Realist
    • Pessimist
    • Optimist
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    You’re taking a test and the person next to you keeps looking at you.

    • You are flattered.
    • You cover your work, they shouldn’t cheat.
    • They aren’t smart enough to cheat, you mark the wrong answers and change them later.
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    The glass is…

    • In the cupboard.
    • Half full
    • Half empty
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    Are you sarcastic?

    • Yes, it’s a great form of humor.
    • No, it’s insulting.
    • Only when everyone involved will appreciate it.
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    Your opinion on humanity in general mostly reflects..

    • Most people have good intentions
    • Some people have good intentions
    • Most people do what people around them are doing.
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    Profanity is

    • a sign of weakness
    • an expression of anger
    • a neccesary evil
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    Someone gives you a compliment and you think..

    • What do you want?
    • Oh, thanks for being kind
    • If the only knew what I was thinking.
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    When you watch the news..

    • You let it go in one ear and out the other.
    • You pay attention and think about it.
    • Write a letter complaining about what you learned.


What do you think?


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  1. I do admit I am gullible since I have been fooled by some events that happened that I took what the reporters on television said like it was the gospel according to the reporter on television only to find alternative news that showed what really happened like the infamous 9-11-2001 incident.

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